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Daniel Peel I was born in Zimbabwe, and grew up on a cattle farm. I then moved to England to complete my secondary education, after which I moved back to Africa to become a field guide, in South Africa. I have two years experience working as a trails guide, in the Klaserie Private nature reserve, in the Lowveld. Leading guided walks as well as game drives in a big five area. I have completed a field guides training course at Entabeni Nature guides training. As well as working in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, with Shearwater Elephant Back Safari. I am also a keen wildlife photographer and even sell my photographs on stock photo websites. My qualifications include: -FGASA level 2 -FGASA trails guide -First Aid(level 2) -Advanced rifle handling (ARH) -SEASETA or Poslec rifle compency -Cybertracker level 1 -Snake handling -Entabeni survival training I am passionate about the african bush and am eager and enthusiastic about sharing my knowledge and experiences as well as intrepreting animal behaviour and tracks and signs to international guests. As a walking guide the focus is more on the things often over looked in the bush, such as the tracks and signs of animals, trees and flowers, birds as well as the dangerous game. Which is also one of my passions, viewing dangerous game on foot. I also really support conservation, being a member of the Save the Rhino program.

World Elephant Day

Happy ‪#‎WorldElephantDay‬! The FATE of Gentle Giants are in our Hands, Let us focus our efforts and make them COUNT!!

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Giraffe- Circulatory System

‘Rete mirabile’ in Giraffe and other animals Have you ever wonder how a giraffe pumps its blood all the way up its long neck? Think about a giraffe reaching up to 5meters high, its heart must be incredibly powerful to … Continue reading

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Zebra- Why do Zebras have Stripes?

Zebras with their conspicuous black and white stripes have become one of the iconic animals of Africa. A keystone species which people all over the world travel hundreds and thousands of miles to see. So apart from the fame these … Continue reading

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Lion Anatomy- Teeth

Lions, being carnivores have specialised teeth to suit their diet and life style. The large canines are the first thing you think of when you imagine a lion tooth. but the molars and pre-molars are modified into what is called a carnassial shear, and play an important role in … Continue reading

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Lion Anatomy- The Eye

A lions eyesight is arguably their most important sense. Along with a highly developed sense of smell and incredible hearing, these apex predators have a big advantage over most of their prey. Their eyesight, all though no better than ours during the day … Continue reading

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Lion Anatomy- Paws

Lion Paws have evolved specifically for a lion’s way of life and are as important for survival as say the jaws or any other part of a lions weaponry. The Paws, hiding some of the lions most deadly weapons- the claws. As well as … Continue reading

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Musth in Elephants

‘Musth’ is usually a fairly misunderstood concept, even by people who spend a lot of time in the bush. The basic principle is easy enough, but understanding the finer details is a lot more complex and confusing. Musth (pronounced Must) … Continue reading

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